Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday 11.10.09 23.03pm

I have been reading about 'Spiral' the theatre company that is based in Spain that we were introduced to on Friday. Their website provides a lot of information about the diversity of the projects they hold The project they are running in December uses Image Theatre. It is very similar to a method of theatre we are looking at in Physical Approaches to Playtext at the moment; playback theatre. Playback theatre creates personal memories into performances. By having this played back to you it hopefully might be able to provide answers or help you make decisions. Just in our lesson on Friday, one exercise was to smell something blindfolded and then create a playback performance. Of course everyone faced with the same smell were not going to produce any same image and for one actor the smell conjured up such a physical memory that we were faced with her in tears after the performance. Both of these types of theatre are designed to analyse and share lived experiences in a way that acts as a form of change in real life. I also like the way that the workshop leaders from 'Spiral' only encourage artistic development and do not enforce any of their ideas. 'The content is in the hands of the group, the participants have the power of creation and reflection'. So the community creates work as a team to reproduce real experiences that other communities, and their community can relate to.

Just thought I'd share my views on this amazing company that we have been introduced to :)


  1. This is very interesting Zoe. I hope it won't be long before you're up and working with this remarkable company.

  2. Me neither! After talking to the actors last night from Cardboard Citizens (post to follow) the different types of 'Theatre for Change' is inspiring me more and more as I learnt more about Image Theatre from a working professional.

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