Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Monday 7th December 7AM TO 7PM


O M G!!!

Yesterday I awoke at 5.30am to finally commence what Jennie and I had both been organising for 3 weeks....the creation of a musical in 12 hours! We all met at 7am and Jennie was sent off rapidly to start her writing, which she had to finsh at 10.15! Only a mere 3 hours. Whilst she was doing that the choreographers choreograhed the opening and closing numbers with the cast, auditions were held with the directors for characters, costume was looked at etc etc. After recieving a brief overview of the script from Jennie at 11am, we were told the cast which was quickly followed by the writing of the songs. Jennie told us what each song was about and in groups of 3 we wrote like crazy and all 7 songs were written at the same time. After lunch was where it started to really kick in that we were doing this in 6 hours time. We still had all the songs to put together and words learnt...The cast needed to rehearse and block scenes as well as be off script, and the dances needed choreographing.

I don't know how we managed to do it all but we did! Although some parts were rough on the edges I think we did a fantastic job! Characters improvised very well and lines in the songs were made up on the spot and I think the audience had a good laugh!

The majority of the people involved were being assessed, however there were a few just doing it for fun...I know, how crazy are they???! So it was an assessment for our 'Musical' module, however unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances Michelle our lecturer could not have been there. So Trevor kindly watched it in her place, and Mark and Patsy were sitting next to him. I hope that because Michelle couldn't watch it will not lower our mark. I know she feels awful for not being able to see it so I feel so sorry for her.

We decided to write it on facebook after seeing a presentation from Eyndia the other week. Eyndia spoke about the social media as it is today. In our 'Facebook the Musical' we wanted to portray how today we are so wrapped up as a community in facebook. Everyone has it, if you don't your weird. It is a community where so many things matter and we care so much about what others think and people can actually become addicted on it. Applications such as farmville...what the hell?? I even had to make sure that I didn't log onto facebook that evening, as I'd phoned in sick to work and said I was at the hospital, in fear that someone was going to see posts, comments, photos. I had to delete a comment just now that said 'how did the twelve hour musical go??' The fact is, is that people learn too much about us from facebook. We tell far too much about ourselves on facebook.

Our musical wasn't everyone's cup of tea, as Jennie's sense of humour isn't for everyone either...but it was relevent and funny to us as a cast so we created it for us I suppose. We enjoyed (mostly!) making it and if we enjoy it, then we will portray this on stage. As someone once told me, 'if you create something with the audience in mind, you will not create something that is truly innovative'

Would love to hear your feedback on this blog or the performacne if you saw it, so please comment!

Zoe x
p.s. To sing is to heal


  1. couldnt agree more was AMAZING!! one of the most intense experiences of my life!!!!

    also how do u upload a foto on ur blog?!x x x x x

  2. not telling...:)

    just kidding. umm...its one of the icons on the toolbar xx

  3. omg- i totally agree that was one of the most amazing but stressful experiences of my life and I loved it. For 12 hours what we all achieved was amazing x x