Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday 5th December 21:36pm

Firstly, I would sincerely like to apologise for being so rubbish in the last 2 weeks with keeping this thing up to date. I have just seen my last post was on the 13th November and it is now the 5th December! So I think a little update is of need...

Well, I had quite a manic month of teaching swimming if I'm honest. I teach every Sunday morning at Reigate Grammer School with children of all ages. Sometimes I wonder whether trying to juggle an important job is necessary whilst doing a degree but I love it so much I don't think I'd have it any other way. I've been recruiting teachers for next term's swimming the last few weeks as well as the re-enrollments for January so I've been a bit busy with that...

Children are hilarious and I find myself in fits of laughter with the children sometimes when I'm teaching. I got asked who my bestest, bestest friend was the other day, and when I named a fewbest friends she asked me to put them in order, which obviously I couldn't. I then asked her who her best friend was and she named three, and starting doing Ip-Dip-Doo on her fingers as to who was first, second and third! It's also times when I get some really nice feedback from parents at what a good job I'm doing with their children, that I know I really want to stay in teaching. And I just saw Bri's post from the other day which put a little smile on my face...Thank you Bri :)

We had Eyndia's PR talk on Wednesday 26th which we student reps organised. He is clearly very good at his job as he gave us so many ideas that I'd never even thought of. And I''m now going to look at how to organise events in different ways, using the media and social networking just at our fingertips.

Of corse on Saturday we had Rachel and Jennie's 21st Sailor themed house party! It was definately the best house party I have been to in a long, long time. I unfortunately had to leave at 2am as my very drunk house mate was sick in my car after passing out in there for about an hour. I wasn't drinking as I had work the next day but I was totally buzzing on the 4 red bulls I had consumed in about 2 hours and didn't manage to fall asleep until about 5am anyway! I hear Jennie had a fantastic night and rocked up in Camden sunday morning in jeans and a hoody to spend the entire day at the comedy festival! I think she pulled it off quite nicely, although I must say she must have been quite drunk to get dressed that morning wearing the attire she did, as I have never seen her in jeans and a hoody in my life! Well done Jen!

Then I come to today. Today was the first day at Ham House hosting the storytelling events for their family fun weekends. I had drawn up a loose rota which I knew we would have to adapt at some point during the day. We found that the big rooms such as the kitchen and the education room were just too big to attract any stories in so we had to slowly move them to spaces that suited the story during the afternoon. We eventually have cut out these two rooms completly and are narrowing down our spaces to the corridor, the bathroom, the buttery and the small room by the kitchen. Everyone adapted so well when things didn't work today and kept on their toes :). Lovely to see the Cleevely's support! I think it went fantastically and the public really enjoyed it!

Here's to tomorrow! xxx

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