Friday, 5 February 2010

The New Inn

Jennie and I, along with Mark and Carolina visited the local Ham public house, The New Inn yesterday evening after the meeting. I think it was an excellent start to getting our faces known and gave me a platform to then start to ask them if they would like to get involved with the 400th birthday, seeing as I conveniently assigned myself to the pubs. We had some lovely food, everyone knows how much I love my food so this was a big thumbs up from me for the pub. I gauged myself with everyones' cheesy chips and left the three of them there to carry on talking, whilst I sped off to Gymnastics. You're now probably wondering how I wasn't too full to throw myself around the hall for 2 hours. Well, I assure you I was. I also suffered a consequence for being so late, sprinting up and down the hall 15 times. I tell you it was not fun after my chicken and bacon ciabatta. However, it slowly churned up inside my stomach and I finished the evening on the trampoline! I told you I could fit it all in! I shall return on Monday to the pubs if anyone cares to join me :)
From reading Ben's blog I agree that the Pub is probably the best place to start to get to know how we are to work in Ham for the next 4 months. It depicts the perfect centre for any community, as it has such a diverse array of individuals who all seem to let down any barriers to come together when in the same room. Our time in Spain represented this entirely. We couldn't speak Spanish much, and they couldn't speak any English. However, both groups felt so at ease to talk to each other. We spoke in our own languages but bizarrely seem to understand each other, and by the end of the night we were teaching a 40 year old woman our national anthem and a clapping game on the table. We were comfortable, they were welcoming, and I do not believe that this would have happened anywhere else but the bar. Whether this be because of the consumption of alcohol, it doesn't matter. It can happen. Social change started to happen that night.
I have also been thinking about the procession. To imagine what I'm imagining please follow the links but please read this as you watch...
I know the music is very dodgy and the pictures are bad quality but look at the completely different groups all that have come together, all different ages and all different costumes.
The same with this one, I feel like I'm in Disneyland, but the colours, the costumes (imagine all made from recycled materials). The dancing, the bicycles, imagine the Police men parading. Of corse we wont have floats but the music from the bands etc.
However parades only work with crowds along the sides :)
Love xxx

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