Tuesday, 11 May 2010


You might have read in Sharmila's blog "The girls have told me I've left a legacy but I don't think I have..." Sharmila you have! One of the gentlemen, Robyn from the home that Sharmila is using to base her reminiscence project which I am performing in, told her when she went back this time that after all of her visits to the home asking him questions about his past made him think about how much he has actually done in his life. He is one of the more able guests in the home and has one of the better memories. We have created many scenes around the memories that he has shared with Sharmila and she tells me that he always has a lot to say. I remember in Spain, Chris told us that a successful project was one that carries on once you have left. Robyn is answering all the questions that Sharmila would have ever asked if she kept returning to the home.

I believe that the Ham House project has also created a legacy. The parkour group is almost relying on this project to carry on. We have given them the opportunity to show the community that they are talented and might encourage people to join after the event. We have put the parkur company in touch with the Circus Suburbia to see if they can work together in the future. Circus Suburbia is a new company and so needs recognition. We have offered to all of the groups to advertise themselves in the programme.

I am so pleased that this has happened with both the projects.


  1. That's really lovely Zoe, you must feel very proud to be able to help someone in this way. Well done :)

  2. ahh babe that is so lovely what you have written i will be so sad to leave the home, and wish i could just keep continuing with this project. thank you for everything x x