Friday, 23 April 2010

32 days to go...

Laura and I trotted off to Elleray Hall this lunchtime. (That's right...trotted) Linda the organiser is very enthusiastic about everything and it is really in her best interests to amuse the elderly people who visit this day centre on a regular basis. There seems to be a lot going on at Elleray Hall and the residents look forward to going during the week. One woman I was helping had a great deal to say abut the centre, all positive and even said she wouldn't know what to do with herself if the centre wasn't running. We were told there were only 2 interested in our workshop until yesterday when a few more came forward with their names, so we weren't expecting the army coming barging through the door fighting for a space.

One woman arrived and they all came following and we just had enough seats to go around! The first woman to walk in was a woman who was so friendly and bubbly and she really got stuck in. The masks we were making started from a face mould on the table with tissue paper laid on top which you then mould masking tape into the face, which after layer after layer after layer gets stiff and finally stays in place. A few of the elderly here weren't that strong to be able to keep rubbing the masking tape in but Laura and I helped t make sure their mask had facial features!

The next two people to come and join us were the two lovely and most able of the group ,Frank and Ivy who are pictured above after a talk form the Metropolitan Police previously. They were the most enthusiastic about being in the parade and were the most sprightly of the gang. We are not sure yet how many are going to be able to be in the parade due to the walking distance. Linda has managed t arrange transport for the ones who would like to go which might mean more could come to the Common.

All the participants made wonderful masks and are looking forward to carrying them on sticks which can be held up to their face. From talking to the residents it seems that they do quite a lt of arts and crafts here, especially mosaic tilings. They have just cleared a wall in the beautiful garden for whihc they can decorate with the mosaics. I will look forard to seeing this hopefully soon!

Good first workshop :)

Zoe x

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