Tuesday, 20 April 2010

33 days to go...

This morning we trundled off to see Heritage for Health in Tooting. They have been speaking to Gary quite a lot about the event already, trying to arrange what is best for them on the day, and have already had it in their brochure fr a while. HtoH run a large event each year and this year our parade is incorporated into their annual meet up. They will be visiting Marble Hill and then coming to Ham House. This is their plan for the day....
2pm-visit the house in their numbers (around 70!)
4pm-Stay in the gardens and Gary has said that they can use the gazebo in the gardens which shall later be used for the hog roast. Also make their flags, banners which some will walk with in the parade...not all can walk very far so majority will stay in the gardens. This is something that they are providing.
And so on and so forth with the rest of us.
We mentioned about an eighth of a page which was what we had said yesterday for their blurb, which might seem slightly too small do we not think? On word, I think it will be maybe 4 lines...
They are looking into hiring wheelchairs for the day, and we need to just check that wheelchairs are OK to wheel along the parade route.
Something we hadn't realised was that the people running Heritage to Health are students doing foundation degrees!

I know that this project has already been successful and we have already left a legacy from our work. We have put the Parkour people in touch with Circus Suburbia as the Parkour group are struggling to survive and the Circus Suburbia are a very new company who need more members. As we can not offer them any way of fundraising at the event this was a way we can offer them ways of staying alive and working. I hope this works out for the two of them.

It has already been very hard not to say yes to everything that comes our way. I've had already had to say no to a soloist, as she will just get drowned out, we have said no to a group of singers who want a backing track and we have said no to any fundraising. We just can't say yes to everything! I was talking to Jen today about how in my mind I try and imagine what could happen, then I ask Jen and she gives a straight level-headed answer of yes or no! She is my sanity :)

So then design met up with Tina and we started to play around with the animals for the parade! The laundry baskets are working perfectly! They are quite easy to manipulate and they are coming into shape. We are just making the skeleton...(KIM!)...and thinking about how they will be decorated on the build day as we need to now get all the materials. We have the storage downstairs now, which Hannah, Sarah and I tidied...but didn't actually throw anything away! T-Shirts will be made tonight - I just have t iron these on!

EXCITING Lots of love guys.xxx

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  1. trudged, trundled, im loving the blogs zoe, if only for the strange and brilliant choice of adjectives that start each of your journeys.
    on a serious note, if i could trot along to ellaroy hall with you, I would appreciate that, I think the best thing about this module has been the fact that society isnt going to shit as much as the daily mail would have you believe. centres like ellaroy hall, and the dirt track in Ham exist to create self sufficient communities. exciting stiff this. x