Monday, 19 April 2010

34 days to go.....

So we have now lifted this project right off the ground and we are flying! It started slow but I think we've got it now and it's moving faster than ever.

The story was exactly what we needed. Ben and Jennie hats off to you guys as it is so imaginative and fun and is somethign that we an now link tese two events together; one in Ham grounds and one on the Ham Common. This is something that I am worried about though...I am on the choir team as well. I hope this doesn't mean that I wont be able to be part of the story and parade too!! Patsy is talking to Mark about this to see what we should be doing on the day.

More than anything I am surprised at how willing so many people are to be in this event for free. Not having ever done a community project before I didn't know what to expect. I had a woman tap me on the shoulder the other day in the pub and asked us what we were talking about as she heard 'Ham House'. She was so keen to help us out in anyway that she could. She was quite drunk but I'm sure she'd remember....??!!!"£$%

From talking to the pubs they are all saying that everyone in Ham will either be involved, or if they don't want to be involved they will certainly come and watch. Whatever anyone does, however they contribute they are still taking part.

After leafletting on thursday we have already had some emails which is so exciting which I have responded to this morning.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's looking good!! I am really enjoying working on this project with everyone.

Thank you guys. Keep contacting :)

Love you all xxxx

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