Monday, 19 April 2010

Still 34 days to go....

I am back with a vengeance with my second blog of the day! I thought I deserved a second as I have done so much today :)

So I dashed off earlier to pop to Ham House and speak to Gwen (who was slightly mad I must add....I am always worried the wrong person is going to read these blogs but I think it's OK!) about flying the flag and the banner. The flag actually pose no is quite easy to attach. It is so quick that we also have time to walk with it from the Common at the front of the parade with all the Happy Birthday messages on it. Design team just need to order the material now! The banner is slightly more difficult as we need to work out how to attach it to the house. Gwen suggested to have ropes at each corners and tie to radiators in the meeting rooms at the top. However I suggested to just have weights on the floor inside so not to have to tie it to anything inside the house. This was fine, however it is the bottom two corners which poses a slight problem as this is where the Queens bed chamber is where there is nothing to tie it to, but they like to move quickly at Ham House so I have already arranged a meeting with Vic later on in the week to talk over this as she might have a few more ideas. Will update later!

I then went for a quick swim this afternoon as it was such a nice day. Only had time for 20 minutes but it was definitely worth it! Followed very quickly with my last Dissertation meeting before it's handed in!! AHHHH...

Productive meeting for HH tonight I feel :) Nice one guys. People are responding to the group email account from the leaflets we posted which is positive!

Rehearsal for Shamila's D.I.C show. This is a reminiscence piece if you haven't read her blog with a elderly home in Surrey. We are a company of 6 performers (Shamila being a performer as well as director). Taking the elderly people's memories we are creating a devised performance with these, to almost take them back in time to their childhood. Mark came along this evening as a surprise visit to see what we were getting up to. He was impressed with how it was going, the only constructive criticism was that Shamila is very clear what year it is set as we might not know the difference between 4 years but our audience will. The performance date for this is in the same week as Ham House but at the beginning. Busy busy busy week!

Lastly for today Patsy and I visited Teddington Choral Society. It was the most bizarre we have been to yet. The conductor was almost scorning his singers at one point for not being able to read music and in the first 45 minutes of the rehearsal he told us many stories all about himself and his childhood. We are still not sure whether they want to be a part of the event as the conductor is in Germany, but he did mention another choir of his that could sing without a conductor. However he was quite odd when we said it was a community event with 20 other choirs involved and he wasn't keen at all on it being outdoors. We shall see what happens with this!

I feel like I'm making new friends on this project. The old friends are always going to be here (you know who you are :)) but I have made some real friends who I enjoy being with and who I feel I work well with.

I am excited about seeing the end product, but I am slightly sad that I will not see one of my areas of work; it has to be either the choirs or the parade :(

Love to one and all and goodnight


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  1. ahhh love that i got a mention sooo exciited for the project =)xxx